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X Factor USA and UK Auditions Guide

how to audition for the x factor usa and uk 2014 what you need to be doing

x factor 2014 auditions - so here is a how to audition guide for the x factor usa and uk 2014 and any talent show really, here are some tips on what you can do to have as much success as possible when you audition, and how to go about it so that you not only enjoy the process but stand out for all the right reasons.

when applying for a show like the x factor usa, you do not need to think that you still have a long wait until the auditions will be taking place next year, probably around march/april 2014, because this is a good thing, look at it positively, the wait will allow you lots of preparation time to prepare to audition and to train your voice and your stage presence.

and though you still do have a long wait until you will be able to apply and fill out a audition form, starting around december time 2013 when the x factor usa 2013 season will be ending and this years winner getting crowned, then you will be able to apply when all the application forms go back up on the x factor websites.

but to audition in person, there will be a quite a wait yet, nearly 1 year from the time of posting, so do not be in a rush, look at this time, as practice, like you would for a exam, you practice to be able to pass, and it is the same when it comes to auditioning, all the best auditions and singers on x factor who make it to the finals, have been practicing for years.

they do not just wake up the day before and decide to enter then do a amazing audition, they have been practicing for years, to look and sound the best they can, and wow the judges, with there unique (perfected) style of there own, this is how they cruise through the rounds, they have already practiced and prepared in advance to give themselves there best possible chance of success, and that is how they succeed, not by accident but by design, there own practice to try and make perfect, without showing it though, they try to appear as natural as possible, polished without looking polished.

it is no different with people who are at school, talent schools are also popular in schools and colleges as well as on big budget shows like the x factor, and so this kind of practice is universal for life itself, similar to a job interview as well.

also if you wanted a career in showbiz you will want to try out auditions like x factor as a way of practicing and possible making contacts and helping you get a career in showbizness.

so here are some ideas on what you will need to be practicing over the next year or so, one thing that is important is the right choices of song, this is where some acts fail to make it through in the competition by picking the wrong choices of songs, i think you need about 5 song choices for the x factor, and another mistake some acts make is not being proficient with all there song choices, because the x factor judges can have you sing any of your choices.

because when you go to audition for the x factor usa, they want to know all your song choices, because they will sometimes want to tell you what song to sing out of your choices, as they might not like your main song choice, as they might see it as not suiting the format, and think another song you have brought will suit you better, so be flexible and sing all your choices as good as each other, this means practicing all your song choices equally this will make you confident when you audition and have more professionality to you when you audition, because you will not be worried about any of your song choices because you have already thoroughly practiced them in advance.

also something that is important regarding song choices is that some of them are up to date with modern chart music trends, you need a variety of songs to practice, because you will know from watching the x factor on tv, the judges will sometimes say we want you to sing something that is "relevant", so you do not just want to have 5 song choices that are all golden oldies or all rock songs etc, you get the idea, you need a few slightly varied song choices, but be smart, do not choose songs that you cannot sing, as that will not help your chances of getting through.

you need a varied choice of songs, but you need to like the songs as well, and enjoy singing them, songs that resonate with you, so these few songs you will take to your x factor audition will be the ones you practice over the next few months, and also get people to honestly appraise your singing as well.

do not be nervous, it is really helpful if you are willing to sing in front of other people, and let them judge you honestly, you need to know there opinions, and they can help point out any areas that you might need improvement on, you are going to have to sing in front of judges, so rather then wait until your audition day to find out you are nervous, ask your friends/family to audition you or listen to your singing live, to find out if you are okay with singing in front of them.

and this is excellent practice if you are worried or nervous about singing in front of other people, because, if you can sing in front of your friends and family as practice your confidence will be boosted fully, that you will not have the nerves you had before, it is like a stepping stone and will boost your confidence, for life in general as well.

it is like when you go for job interviews and you have to look the interviewer in the eyes, whereas in regular day to day activities you do not like looking people in the eyes, but, when you go for the job interview you look the interviewer in the eyes because you want the job, then you feel your nerves go away, the nerves where a kind of apprehension, so likewise if you use your friends and family to practice singing in front, it will help you in this regard, and improve your singing as well.

because it will not help you if you are overly nervous at the audition to x factor usa, because the nerves can effect your voice quality so to practice in front of others before hand can be a really good relief for this kind of problem, kind of like doing mock job interviews, to get practice, it is the same kind of principle.

if it is really important to you to give american x factor auditions your best shot, you could think of hiring a vocal coach or trainer to help you with your songs, but, this can be expensive, so only consider that if it is very important for you to try and do your best and you have the spare cash to be able to afford professional singing help, if you have the spare funds, then a professional singing coach can be a very helpful thing to consider.

near the x factor usa audition date next year, do not make a simple mistake of training too hard close to the day you audition, this could cause you to strain your vocal cords the days before you audition and not be at your best when the actual audition roles around, so on the run up to actually auditioning, cruise with your practice, you will of already practiced fully in the months prior and so will not need to push days before the audition and risk straining your vocal chords, when you audition you will be prepared through practice and your voice will flow naturally when you audition in front of the judges, due to all your previous practice of your songs.

do have say 2 songs that are your first choices that you like the most, but like i said previously be equally proficient with all your song choices, but, of course you will have say 2 favourites of course, that you aim to sing on the day of the audition.

the other things that are helpful are to keep a eye on current trends, like music, and clothing so that you will be "relevant" like the judges say, they like people who are relevant, this does not mean to go out spending fortunes on fashion like some x factor contestants have done in the past and getting professional makeovers etc, no, just to appear relevant and smart on your audition day, the judges seem to favor people who are polite and smartly dressed, nothing over the top, but unique as well, in a reserved way.

so for this x factor auditions guide it is to make sure that a few of the important basics are in place so that your audition goes as smoothly and easily as possible, if you are well practiced and confident with your songs, then on the day you audition for the x factor in 2014, as the auditions for this year are now closed, and so it is another year now to wait for the first stage auditions to roll around again, but hopefully with this guide you will also find this is a good thing.

because it gives you some time to prepare like preparing for a exam for example, but most of all, that your audition process will not be as stressful because you are prepared in advance and so you will not really have anything to worry about then when the time to audition comes around and you can then take it in your stride and leave to the gods, so to speak, and that way you have done all you can for your audition preparation wise.

so this is just a little guide regarding the basics, as you will see watching the auditions this year for x factor on tv, a lot of the acts, miss one of the basics, something as simple as fluffing there lines, and that stops them making it to the next stage, yet they might have been brilliant singers, but just because they fluff there lines they don't get through.

so these kind of things are important and save on stress in the long run, yes it might be nearly a year now to wait for the x factor auditions to come around again, but that is not really a long time as the show rolls round year on year, so if you are practiced in advance you have nothing to worry about, and you do not need to be apprehensive and tense when you audition, you just go out and sing and then let the producers/judges decide because you have done all you could do in advance, and the rest is what it will be.

if anyone reading this guide have any other good tips about auditioning for the x factor leave a comment in the section below, you do not need to registered to this x factor blog to leave comments and can also post as a anonymous when leaving comments as well, also share this guide to your friends or anyone looking for help auditioning for the x factor.

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