Sunday, 22 March 2015

the open auditions are starting again soon for the x factor uk with the biggest ever tour

did you know that the open auditions are starting again soon for the x factor uk 2015, with the biggest ever auditions tour, there are 3 ways to apply and audition this year, the open auditions, apply online via video, or the mobile auditions van.

starting soon, so don't miss out, some of the venues/location up first might be near where you live, so this is a list below of all the dates/locations/cities/venues where the x factor uk open auditions are taking place, starting on the 8th and 9th april 2015.

Dublin -Croke Park – 8th and 9th April

Newcastle- Newcastle United Football Club – 11th and 12th April

Leeds -Leeds United Football Club – 16th and 17th April

Birmingham- Birmingham City Football Club – 18th and 19th April

Glasgow -Ibrox Stadium – 23rd and 24th April

Liverpool- Venue TBC – 26th and 27th April

Cardiff -Mercure Holland House – 29th and 30th April

London -Venue TBC– 2nd May

Manchester- Venue TBC– 9th May

but what if you cannot make any of those above, or do not live near or cannot travel to one of those locations have a look at the locations for the x factor uk mobile van auditions, some of the dates still to be confirmed though, the full venue details will be announced via

Aberdeen: 30th – 31st March

Skegness: 30th – 31st March

Bradford: 30th March

Huddersfield: 31st March

Dundee: 1st April

Stirling: 2nd April

Sheffield: 1st – 2nd April

Peterborough: 1st April

Northampton: 2nd April

Cambridge: 3rd – 4th April

Middlesborough: 3rd – 4th April

Nottingham: 3rd – 4th April

Scarborough: 5th – 6th April

Norwich: 5th – 6th April

Leicester: 5th – 6th April

York: - 7-8th April

Hull: 9-10th April

Ipswich: 7th – 8th April

Coventry: 7th – 8th April

Oxford: 9th – 10th April

Chelmsford: 9th – 10th April

South End on Sea: 11th April

NB – specific dates for the following dates will be announce in coming weeks






Isle of Man


Isle of Wight












you are advised to turn up early when it comes to the mobile van auditions, read the full details at itv/xfactor.

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  1. Hi, Any Updates on the Other Dates for the Auditions? Yet?.