Friday, 19 September 2014

x factor 2014 auditions simon to usa at the judges houses

x factor 2014 auditions and the judges houses, with simon cowell returning back to the usa and his house in los angeles, but it was not plain sailing with a run of problems, though when it is televised on the x factor show, not sure of they are going to show all the problems the contestants and simon cowell faces at his mansion in la.

usually judges houses is just all about how the contestants sing/perform, but they had added problems, first in la there was a heatwave, which is also a culture shock as well for the singers after being flown out to america from a damp and bleary uk, and flown into a heatwave in la.

next the problems of auditioning in front of simon cowell in los angeles usa, continued, with noise pollution, some of the singers had to perform more than once, because there judges houses auditioned where being interrupted by a flock of crows, and also helicopters everywhere, so the usa x factor judges houses auditions went late into the night, so when you watch the x factor judges houses on tv, sinitta and simon will be out late into the night deliberating on who to take through, illuminated by added xtra lights, because they have run late and the sunlight is long gone.

so if only one of the singers in simon's group had decided to sing a song by the "a flock of seagulls" and they would of been guarenteed into the next round, but such is fate.

the other judges had a more streamlined easy time of it, louis walsh took his group to bermuda, which will be a surprise for his group as they might of expected ireland, as has traditionally been where louis takes his contestants.

cheryl cole took her group to nice, and mel b took her group out to mexico.

simon's la usa x factor auditions "a flock of crows" start again.

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