Monday, 29 September 2014

could the x factor usa ever return to american television?

we might be watching simon cowell on the revised uk x factor 2014 at the moment, but could the x factor usa auditions ever return?, it is probably a long shot, but not a impossibility, because there are quite a few big tv networks in the usa, and that is what could make the return of the american x factor a possibility in the future.

for now, if you live in the united states and miss your weekly fix of the x factor, you can probably find places to watch full episodes of the x factor uk online, one online avenue is the website if you can watch in america, then they host full episodes of the x factor uk 2014 each week.

if you just want to watch highlights of the x factor uk, then they are also shown on the x factor uk youtube channel, so it is not such a big loss if you are a television viewer, the people who really lost out when the x factor usa ended, were the people who waited each year to audition in person for the x factor usa.

for now all is lost as regards to auditioning for the x factor usa, but, in the future who knows if it could ever return, when simon cowell knew that fox was dropping the show, he went to there rivals at nbc to see if they would host the show, but at the time they were more busy with shows like the voice usa which has 2 seasons each year.

but that is probably the way the x factor usa could make a comeback on american tv through a channel like nbc, this kind of thing has happened in the past with other countries x factor competitions, they have ended only to make a comeback on a different television network at a later date.

there is probably no way that fox would ever have the show on its network again, but that is not to say another american television network would not, if the x factor uk 2014 continues to be successful then that could help also, but i doubt simon cowell has given up fully on american tv just yet.

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