Tuesday, 26 August 2014

x factor usa judge simon cowell about firing cheryl cole Fernandez Versini

now simon cowell and cheryl (cole) Fernandez-Versini are reunited on x factor 2014 uk, simon talks about x factor usa auditions rounds and why he fired cheryl, he says about rumors that she is a beautiful girl but was never his type, and he did not think that he was her type either.

he said that when she was on the x factor usa audition rounds that as a judge she came over as a little crazy and had lost all her confidence, and that he did not think that she was fitting in with the x factor usa format, maybe that the show was too big of a move for her and that the pressure would be too much, and that she was acting different to how she had been when they were first judging together on the x factor uk, so this is kind of one of the reasons he has given for why he fired cheryl cole off of the x factor usa.

now simon might be saying some of these things now, on the eve of next weekends return of the x factor uk to itv, so he is also trying to stir up some controversy in the media in the build up to the launch of the new x factor uk by being a bit cheeky about cheryl to spark some interest in the upcoming x factor uk start date on saturday.

so the start date for this years x factor uk 2014 is saturday august the 30th and also the following night on sunday august the 31st.

the start time for this year 11th new series of x factor uk will be the usual 8pm start time as well.

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