Tuesday, 8 July 2014

when does x factor start on tv 2014 dates/times?

when does x factor uk start back on tv 2014 with the auditions, just looking itv.com and they said the x factor starts back on itv next month, this is on a post that was posted on june the 21st, so that would make a potential return of x factor to tv on july 21st, but i am not so sure they are accurate.

what it looks like is that the return date will be sometime in august, so the best estimates for this also going by the previous 10 series premiering in either the 3rd or 4th week of august, so we could be looking at start date back on tv for x factor to be saturday august the 23rd or saturday the 30th august.

this would also fit in the time frame of all the previous seasons/series and needs to be something along those lines so the series can fit all the episodes in before the finals which are in mid december, so you are probably looking at sometime in late august being this years start date for x factor uk 2014.

for the start time on a night it always seems to be around 8pm that the x factor starts on a saturday night, and for the series now i think you always get saturdays and sundays, originally i think x factor just aired on a saturday a lot of years ago, but in recent years it always seems to be on tv on saturdays and sunday nights, with most of the results from the public phone voting being shown on sunday nights each year.

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