Friday, 4 July 2014

cheryl cole about x factor usa sacking

cheryl cole has opened up about being sacked from the x factor usa by judge simon cowell, she was very angry at the time, and sent simon cowell a text message after she found out that she had to leave the american x factor after only judging the first of the usa auditions.

well the text message even if edited is too strong to post as it filled with a lot of expletives or it is all basically one long tirade aimed at cowell and the xfactor.

so she has now forgiven simon cowell for sacking her from her judges role, and said that he did the right thing in sacking her, because she was not ready or at the time up to judging the x factor usa auditions.

now cherly cole is back judging the xfactor-uk-2014 with simon cowell again, and all is good, and there is no issues about what went on in the past between the two judges, she says it was a good wake up call for her to get her life back in order and start over again, so far the judges auditions for x factor uk 2014 have pretty much all been done, and i think it is now onto the boot camp stage when x factor returns back on itv television in a few months time.

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