Monday, 9 June 2014

x factor usa winners and judges

so previous x factor usa winners and judges are still doing well, there was a duet with a x factor uk finalist cher lloyd and previous x factor usa judge demi lovato on stage in new york's time square, shown on good morning america, with there new duet called "really don't care".

previous x factor usa girl group fifth harmony have released there new single called BO$$, and alex and sierra last years x factor usa winners alex and sierra have released there new single "all for you", alex and sierra are really get out there as well, appearing at lots of places in the usa to promote there music with lots of live appearances.

lots of free events, so on thursday june the 5th alex and sierra appeared at south street seaport new york, so if you want to see were they will be next keep a eye on there facebook page or twitter because they will probably be appearing at other venues this year, they are sort of doing like a impromptu mini tour of sorts.

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