Tuesday, 17 June 2014

is the x factor series scripted somewhat?

new x factor judge mel b who is currently in the usa judging the america's got talent auditions 2014, has already had a falling out with simon cowell over how she will present herself this year when she starts on the x factor uk judging panel.

so this brings into question on whether the x factor uk is slightly scripted to cause more controversy and thus increase the viewing figures, it would seem the answer to this is a yes, and if you have watched the x factor over the years, they do purposefully seem to try to have controversy, which as a result increases the viewing figures, this is why x factor is not just a singing contest but also a personality contest, this gets more viewers, rather then it being just a out right serious the best singer always wins contest.

so the falling out with mel b and simon cowell or if not cowell but the producers, was because they were hoping that mel b could live up to her scary spice persona when judging this years x factor, and be the kind of pantomime villain of the judging panel, which she has refused to do.

back in 2010 when mel b was a guest judge on the x factor uk, she did play up to that persona and was quite forthwith with the auditionee's, but this time around as a full time judge she has said she will not be playing any accentuated parts, it is also rumored that x factor producers would of liked to see some fiery exchanges between cheryl cole and mel b, which mel has also ruled out, and has said she is basically going to judge the x factor as herself and not play up to any exaggerated parts or faked performances as a judge.

this is a in a bid to try and revive the show which has had poor ratings since the years simon cowell and cheryl cole left the uk to go judge the newly formed x factor usa at the time, now cowell and cole is back and want to see the x factor uk back to where it was in the past, in the early days of the x factor uk and american idol simon cowell did used to play the part of the bad judge and give people who were auditioning a much harder time and more harsher comments then the other judges, but in the recent years simon cowell mellowed and stopped being the angry judge on the panel, the x factor uk is booked in with itv for 3 seasons now, including 2015 and 2016!.

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