Wednesday, 28 May 2014

x factor's one direction to get usa tour ban?

the most popular successful act to come out of the x factor so far, one direction might face a ban in the usa for there upcoming american tour, so they have kind of lost there status as role models now, and might not be allowed to enter the usa.

but probably parents should now stop looking to media stars and pop stars as role models for there children in future, because that is not working out very well, with any of the current or most of the previous pop stars, do not really need to name names when it comes to pop stars who were once seen/marketed? as role models for children only for this to change, this seems like a trend when it comes to these media starlets, children probably need to be given better more carefully chosen role models, anyhow.

the usa fans who were looking forward to seeing the one direction tour, though might not need to worry, because, it is doubtful that one direction will get banned from the usa, it is probably now just about the image of one direction being tarnished, but like said before that seems to be how it is with these pop stars, the way there career develops.