Thursday, 1 May 2014


there is just two more chances left this year if you are looking to audition for the x factor 2014, and then the public/open auditions close, so you will need to be quick if you are going to get in at the last minute.

so the 2nd to last audition is on saturday and the penultimate audition on monday next week.

i read somewhere that there will have been about 200,000 auditionee's this year on average when these first stages close next week, and of course these are not in front of the judges, but you need to get through these early rounds in order to make it to the stages were the judges appear.

so the last 2 places you can try out this year are:

manchester, saturday 3rd of may, emmirites old trafford cricket ground.

liverpool, monday 5th of may, bt convention centre.


  1. I would like to perform but there's not enough time I can make it to LA I live in GA

  2. When are the additions in LA ?

  3. When are the additions in LA ?