Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the x factor callbacks 2014

so what are the x factor callbacks 2014, well if you audition this year, was same for usa as well as uk xfactor each year, this might be something that you come across, when you audition this year, they might not automatically put you through to the next round, but instead, might tell you to wait on a call back from the x-factor producers.

the problem some people have reported about the callbacks is then you are stuck waiting to see if you make it through to the next stage and get to audition again, you are basically waiting on a telephone call from the producers to say, yes come and audition again.

i think the callbacks can also be sent via email as well, but essentially it means waiting on to see if you get to audition in a later stage before the xfactor producers again.

if you want to leave a message on this post in the comments section, of what your experiences was like regarding the call-backs process of x-factor then do so, as it is quite a sketchy subject, basically if they do not call back then you do not go through, i am not sure if they call just to say you are not through, or basically, no phone call, basically means you are not through?.


  1. Hello!
    I love your blog! :D


    I was going to audition to the X Factor in London, but can no longer go, but was planning on going to the Liverpool audition. On the email about the London audition it was written when the call back auditions were, do you know when the Liverpool call back auditions take place?

    Best regards

    1. thinking that if you audition at liverpool, they will have that information there, and you would then get the information if you are successful and get a call back as a result of your liverpool audition.

  2. Hi

    I was wondering how long you have to wait to be contacted when you send a video audition with your application. Is that the same?


    1. replied to your question below.

  3. me too, cannot find out though, on the itv xfactor website, they have taken down the information about video applications and all the auditions rules and regulations / terms and conditions.

    and changed the page ready to start for when the shows start etc, so cannot see when they should of given responses or callbacks in regard to the video submissions.