Friday, 11 April 2014

the london open auditions are taking place next in the uk

it is the london open auditions that are taking place next for the united kingdom x factor 2014 auditions, these will be really big, when it comes to the auditions each year london seems to attract the biggest crows of people.

so for these ones it can be a good idea to be one of the first people there, so that you have less time to wait, these london auditions are also taking place on a weekend so will attract even bigger crowds with it being on a sunday, there are more people with free time and not working, so if you are going to the london auditions be prepared for a lot of crowds.

and if you do not get in the queue's early then also be prepared for a lot of queuing time, i mean if you have a small easy portable fold up chair and a small umbrella if the weather report for sunday looks bad then it might be very helpful, because they do keep people outside waiting/queuing in car parks quite a bit when waiting to audition.

so the date this next audition is taking place at is the 13th of april on a sunday.

the location for this london x factor audition is:

emirates football ground, hornsey road, london, n7 7aj

on the x-factor website it says that all the open auditions have a start time of 9am and it is a first come first served policy, so not sure if it is beneficial to get there before 9am as to be near the front of any queues that have already formed but it probably might be.

of course you need to check out all the rules and regulations to know what to have on the day, for example you have to have a item of i.d with you, and anyone below the ages of 18 must be accompanied by a parent as well.

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