Monday, 21 April 2014

next locations and dates for 2014

so the next location and dates for x factor auditions 2014 is going to be taking place in birmingham on the 23rd of april, at the brimingham city football ground.

just having a look on youtube for some video from people who have already auditioned this year to see what this years auditions look like.

found some, this is what it is like when queuing at the x factor, you will meet lots of different people, but, you will have to do a lot of waiting around at the busy audition venues.

this is a video from south shields i think with jade thirlwall form little mix

back in the queuing situation, but you will get to see lots of people and also some impromptu auditioning, so try and enjoy the day, and talk to lots of people, and then you will not get nervous or bored while waiting in the queuing lines, this video is from the bristol x factor auditions.

this video explains how the process for auditioning is being done this year, and what they will ask you to do, what kind of questions and expectations the producers/judges have, this is a vlog about the emirates auditions in london, and this guy did not get through, but he saying why and what happened.

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