Thursday, 17 April 2014

new x factor 2014 auditions a usa judge Kesha?

rumors for the judges, new x factor 2014 auditions a usa judge Kesha?, that time again, when they wait until the last minute to decide on who the 3rd and 4th judges will be.

i think this is done on purpose to create media stories, so far it looks like it will be simon cowell, cheryl cole and louis walsh, so they cannot decide on who the 4th judge will be, as it would seem they like to keep everyone guessing.

this is how it always is each year, after simon cowell's disaster in the united states with the american x factor you would not think he would be looking to get a fancy poppy usa judge again or anytime soon, because that strategy did not work when it came to the x factor usa.

but who knows, if the x factor usa format did not work, then why would simon cowell want to repeat the same blueprint again and use that here, that would obviously be a mistake, to try and bring the failed x factor usa and try to recreate it again for this year.

i doubt that cowell will choose a american pop star to judge this years show, if he did it would be like going back down a road that did not work with any of the 3 seasons of the x factor united states.

when it comes to girl or boy judges, if they are talking about just girl judges this probably means simon will louis walsh, and balance that with 2 girl judges.

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  1. HEY what i have to do if i want to go for the crew in June???????????' Please reply me ! I want to go to participate or just to see it !! I will go to London on 23 June for 1 week ..