Tuesday, 4 February 2014

when is the x factor usa 2014 auditions starting

when is the x factor usa 2014 auditions starting, this is the question everyone who is looking where to apply to the x factor usa 2014 auditions is asking, and so far there are no answers coming forward, but we can guess it should be soon.

because last year the application process started in february, which we are in now, so now is the time to keep a look out and check each week to see if the application forms have been put up online.

this year will probably see a major shake up with the x factor usa, because it is rumored simon cowell is leaving, so i would look for there to be 4 new judges this year with the x factor usa.

we know the reason why application forms and the audition process for the x factor usa 2014 has not started yet, it is because, fox is negotiating the tv contract for this years series, which is why it took a few months last year, and did not start until february when the audition locations and venues and dates where announced for the usa x factor.

which each year the fist stages of auditions seem to start in march each year and run on up to may, so there is still plenty of time and you need not worry about missing your chance this year, just probably keep a look out in february for any updates on what is happening regarding this years series.

so at the moment they have just not announced a date as to when the tryouts will be starting but last year the tryouts start in march/april time so no need to worry just yet.


  1. Where I can subscribe to this audition ala 2014?

  2. where I can register for auditions 2014?

  3. Since Xfactor has been in the USA, it has always been posted in February, and then officially starts in March. So I don't know who posted that it was different last year in comparison to previous years, INCORRECT! Fox has always posted the auditions in February, and then officially starts in March. Now if they start the process in May, as the rumors begin to fly, then that would be totally different. So get your facts straight, remember you can Google and Wiki just about anything. Research it, if u don't believe me. I happen to remember vividly because I attended the very first auditions In LA and Dallas.