Saturday, 8 February 2014

it's true the x factor usa has been cancelled

it's true the x factor usa has been cancelled, no x factor usa auditions 2014, show is axed after 3 seasons by fox, the writing was on the wall for x factor usa 2014, after simon cowell confirmed rumours he was leaving and heading back to judge the x factor uk 2014.

after it was confirmed that simon cowell was leaving, the question was what will happen to the x factor usa?, now that is also confirmed by fox tv who have said they are axing the x factor usa, a big shame for all the fans from america, because there is always lots of people who audition every year.

we had been waiting for fox to put up information online regarding the x factor usa 2014 application forms, and the details of the locations, dates and venues for x factor auditions this year, and nothing was forthcoming so now we know why and the doors have closed on the x factor talent show stateside, no more x factor usa.

it is not sure if simon cowell announcing his return to the uk is what caused fox to cancel the x factor usa, or if simon new in advance that fox were going to end the x factor so said he was leaving in advance.

time to look for other talent shows and singing competitions to apply and audition for in the usa now i guess.


  1. I still think its fake cause fox hasn't announced it!

  2. YeAH 666 is real so Simon was wroong about us we were great the audiance went bannas when i performed i remember the look on simon face as the crowd cheered he was in awe his mouth drop in amazement i knew simon was wrong and so did every one elese my Cedrick Burks IAM A GOD 666 Lucifer Satan has come and set the record straight than you i should have been the winner