Saturday, 4 January 2014

the x factor auditions 2014 usa some frequently asked questions and comments

the x factor auditions 2014 usa frequently asked questions about x factor usa 2014 auditions application forms how to apply to audition for the x factor usa 2014 and where some of the first stage audition venues might be taking place this year.

well everyone is waiting for the x factor usa to put there application forms up online, still not up yet, so at the moment you cannot apply to the x factor usa, yet.

the place i think the application forms go up at each year, when they put them up online, is at the so i keep checking that site to see if they have updated and put them up again, but, with the x factor usa it seems like they take a while to do this, whereas with the x factor uk, they put there forms up before the uk series of x factor finished.

so it takes a while, so you have to keep checking, but there is plenty of time, because the first stage auditions do not start until about march or so, so still about 3 months, the first stage auditions for the x factor usa, run from march through to may each year.

that is how it has been for the last 3 years so it will probably be similar this year as well, the good news is that there is going to be auditions this year, as there was some doubt, but simon cowell has said that the x factor usa is still running.

also, if you are wondering where the locations and venues for some of the auditions could be this year, then some seem to stay the same each year, so there should be a good chance of auditions at los angeles california, which take place at the galen centre venue.

but these are just guesses as they do seem to change some of the venues and locations each year, but major cities like los angeles and new york always seem to be covered each year, the others can change from year to year.

though the details of where the auditions will be taking place the locations and venues each year, always seems to be released in february so only about a month to find out either way.

so if you are looking to audition for the x factor usa this year, you just need to be keeping a look out for when the application forms go back up online, and also comment on this blog if they have gone up online as well, to get the word out.

there are also other options to apply each year for the x factor usa besides the open casting/first stage auditions, look out for information this year about what is called the x factor "mystudio" this is another way to get a chance to audition if you cannot make it to one of the big venues this year.

what is the "my studio" it is a state of the art mobile recording studio, where you can audition in this studio both at many locations across america, if you apply via a my studio, and are successful, you go straight to the judges auditions from there, so it does save on having to do all the earlier audition rounds that other people have to do.

the good idea of having these mobile studio auditions is it gives more people the chance to audition who would not of otherwise got the chance to do so, so that is something you need to be looking out for when those studios are back around various locations in america.

last year the x factor usa mystudio's where in places like honolulu, las vegas, nashville, new england and other locations.

the x factor also put up the option for online video submissions, but like the application forms the online video auditions options are not up online yet either, so at the moment it is a waiting game on when you will be able to apply for this years x factor usa 2014, but check back in the comments section on this blog, and or post the information if you see the applications are open down in the comments section below, feel free to also ask any questions or answers peoples questions in the comments section as well, also share on google+ by clicking the G+1 button.


  1. the video submission option is already on the uk x factor application form, so when they release the usa x factor application form, they give the option of also submitting a video audition as well when filling out the form :)

  2. what age you have to be to auditioning..... My daughter is 13 but turn 14 on march 13 2014 can she auditioning

    1. i am pretty sure the age limit for x factor usa is 12 years and older.