Monday, 13 January 2014

the x factor 2014 auditions uk and usa updates

the x factor 2014 auditions uk and usa updates, when are auditions for x factor 2014 starting, when will x factor usa 2014 audition application forms open for people to apply.

still nothing from the x factor usa regarding there 2014 application forms, and i think it could take a while this year for them to be released, why, because simon cowell is still negotiating contracts with fox tv regarding the renewal of the contract for x factor on fox tv.

so this will be undoubtedly holding up the start and beginning of the process of applying this year, at the earliest i would look for the application forms to be online by the start of february, but that is the earliest, it could be later like march or later, they are definitely taking there time.

if you are in the uk there was no such problems and the forms went up online before last years x factor uk had even finished, with the application for the x factor uk, you also have the option of adding a online video audition to your application form to try and get yourself fast tracked through the audition process.

you do not have to add the video audition though to the uk x factor application form it is optional, but if you think you can put together a really good professional audition video together before your camera it might be worth taking the time and doing that when applying online for the x factor uk.

i was reading some bad news in some of the online newspaper stories that there is still the slight chance that fox might not renew the x factor usa, this is bad news if you have been planning to audition this year for the show, but, hopefully these news stories have little substance, because simon cowell has said that there will be a x factor usa 2014, and that he is just negotiating with fox on how the show can keep going forward.

something the uk x factor has each year is the x factor live tour, whereas the x factor usa does not have a live tour, where the acts from the previous years x factor tour arenas across the country.

the location and venue the uk x factor live tour 2014 will be starting is in february the 22nd at the phones 4u venue in manchester, the x factor uk live tour 2014 tours all the big venues and locations in the uk like wembley in london, and also the 02 arena in london.

also catch your favorite acts from last years x factor uk in 2014 at the echo arena in liverpool, the sse hydro in glasgow scotland, and also the x factor uk 2014 tour is at the aecc ge oil and gas arena in aberdeen scotland as well, though no venues for the x factor uk 2014 live tour in ireland or wales, just england and scotland this year.

just something our american x factor friends miss out on is getting to see there favorite x factor stars from the previous year all touring the major arenas and locations in the usa, whereas this happens with the uk x factor, so some little differences there, most usa x factor fans have never actually heard of the x factor tour concept, though it has happened the last 10 years with the uk show.

at the moment fox is focusing on its other talent show, the american idol 2014 which starts on the 15th and 16th of january on fox tv, with famous judges jennifer lopez and harry connick jnr, ryan seacrest and keith urban.

would of been nice to see jennifer lopez as a x factor judge though, think that would of made a big difference to the ratings.

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