Monday, 9 December 2013

the applications for x factor 2014 uk open & the final 3 details

the application forms for x factor 2014 uk auditions are open and you can now apply online to auditions in 2014 and the final 3 details for this upcoming saturdays uk final which starts at 8pm on itv, who has made to the final, and also the songs that they will be singing in this years final on saturday.

so the top 3 who have made it all the way from there first auditions some 9 or so months ago are:

nicholas mcdonald
sam bailey
luke friend

the songs have also been released that these remaining acts will be singing are:

these are the 2 songs nicholas mcdonald has chosen to sing in the final, starting out with a robbie williams song "candy".
and what i think is quite a good choice here with a song for the final "angel" by sarah mclachlan.

the songs sam bailey has chosen for the final are "edge of glory" by lady gaga, and another good choice of a oldie song with "the power of love" by jennifer rush.

luke friend is doing things slightly different to the other 2 acts by singing one of his own songs, for his fist song though he has chosen "we are young" by fun, and for his second song of the final one of his own songs, "what makes you beautiful" by luke friend.

so they are the spoilers that have been released by itv of the songs that the 3 remaining acts are singing in this saturdays final, what happens then in the final is one act is eliminated through the phone votes, between saturday and sunday, then you have 2 remaining acts on sundays final for the grand final, and they will sing more songs to get first.
so on sunday night the phone lines are open for more votes as well, to see who wins out of the 2 remaining acts from saturday, so you can votes on saturdays and sundays, the songs for sundays final have not been released though yet.


  1. It's 'What makes you beautiful' by One Direction. It's not his own song.

  2. Can you give me the link to the page to sign up for auditions?

    1. for uk x factor you need to go to the x factor itv website.

      for usa x factor there form is not out yet from what i can see.

    2. Thanks, but I want to have the link of the page of "the x factor usa", too.

    3. the x factor usa application forms are not out, i will check back in 2 days to see if they put them out when there live finals have finished on thursday!.

  3. Can you give me the link to the page to sign up for auditions?

  4. Has anyone had info on venues dates and times can anyone help ?