Wednesday, 18 December 2013

simon says x factor usa auditions back in 2014 waiting on application forms

simon cowell says the x factor usa auditions will be back in 2014, though to apply the application forms for the x factor 2014 auditions usa are not up online yet, this is usually the case with the x factor usa they can take a while to put there forms back up online.

whereas the x factor uk were quick to put there 2014 application forms up online, for the past few years it seems you have to wait a little before the x factor usa puts there's up, been a lot of comments on this blog from people looking for the forms in the usa.

and on the it is still only the web page from last years audition that is up on the x factor website, so not sure when they put up there new forms so you can apply, but, i think it is not straight away, so you might have a little wait before you can apply online.

but with the auditions not starting until march and through to may each year, you still have plenty of time, in between so you will not miss a deadline.

the main good news is at the moment that simon cowell has come out and said that there will be a usa series next year, because there is a lot of doubt on whether the series was going to be axed and not renewed by fox tv due to low tv viewing figures.

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being ready for auditions

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  1. my feeling aren't hurt... I mean, it is a British show anyways!

    1. it is still going, there will be a x factor usa next year!.

  2. hey, the x factor 2014 australia auditions are open now, and have been running for a few months now, if anyone is reading this from australia.

    remaining audition dates and locations for australian x factor are:

    BUNBURY audition day on Thursday the 16th of January 2014

    PERTH auditions date on Saturday 18th January to Sunday 19th of January 2014

    SYDNEY auditions days from Friday 24th January to Sunday 26th January 2014

  3. so to be clear the applications will be up somewhere around march and i have till then? and i also have to wait till they put up the applications to submit my audition video??

    1. no, the application forms should be up either january or the start of february, with the first stage auditions starting in march, so there is time, that is how it has been in previous years for the most part!.

  4. I'm so glad I saw this I wad wondering. I would love to audition. Just hope they come to Houston Texas:)

  5. Do You Have To Wait Until The Show Comes To Your Area? Or Can You Go To Some Other Area & Audtion? 'Cause I Live In DFW, Texas