Tuesday, 25 June 2013

is it easy to audition for the x factor 2014 what is the downside to the process?

is it easy to audition for the x factor 2014 what is the downside to the process?.

the truth of the matter is that auditioning for a talent show like the x factor is not all glitz and glamour, now, the tv airing of the x factor each year will make sure to make it appear as it all being glitz and glamour.

but, in reality you will find auditioning quite a lot of work and effort.

one of the biggest problems you will face next year if you choose to audition will be the waiting, and i do not mean for x factor 2014 to start again, i mean when you get round to actually going and auditioning for the x factor next year, the process of auditioning involves a lot of queuing and waiting in lines at the auditions, usually for many hours.

so for this years auditions people had to do:

lots of queuing to get there chance to audition.

if successful at there first audition, had to get through more then one audition at different dates.

wait for callbacks from x factor, for example phone call.

so this is to say auditioning is not easy, so you need to be prepared for that in advance if you plan on applying next year, so you know just how much work is involved and also the cost of travelling etc, so it is not cheap either.

that would make a good point, you could also start saving a little money each week for next years audition if you think you might not be able to afford to travel for the audition etc but really want to go, you could just save a little each week which by next year will add up to enough for your audition.

so the point of this blog post is to break the illusion, that the audition process is all peaches and light, and to prepare you for if you decide you want to fill out the application form and apply for the x factor next year you will be prepared and ready for the ups and downs and the difficulties involved with auditioning.

that is not to put you off from auditioning, just that i know it can be a difficult and stressful process, and i think that if you know this in advance you can prepare to make the process less difficult.

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