Wednesday, 19 June 2013

be ready for the x factor 2014 auditions next year with a little practice time

be ready for the x factor 2014 auditions next year with a little practice time, and not a whole lot, if you start in advance you could train yourself for your audition at the x factor 2014 with just some short audition practice once a week, which by the time auditions begin again next year around march or april, you would be well practiced and polished in the songs you are going to sing.

auditioning does not need to be nerve wrecking.

because you just need to have a head start in a race to stand a very good chance of winning.

some people have said (who have missed the chance to audition this year) well they cannot wait for the x factor 2014, because it is so far in the future, but that is your advantage over your competition, you can have a head start.

which means you can practice less then the competition.

because you have more time, and could start out practicing your act in advance, less is more, you do not need to be cramming, and trying to rush at the last minute, like students do before a exam and then go to the exam and fall asleep or cannot remember what they crammed when trying to learn in a rush.

so little is more, if you have the time in advance to just do a little audition practice each week over the space of a year it adds up to a lot, and has not been crammed at the last minute and so your body does not have to be in a rush, which also applies to improving the singing voice.

so basically this is a good formula to be ready and perfect yourself in advance.


  1. I read this a while ago and i have been practicing ever week and i see a HUGE improvment already

  2. hi my name is sean button i live in sutton on sea with my family and i
    can rap but i have been on you tube and i didnt get much viwes
    thats why want to have a go on x factor
    from sean button