Thursday, 24 January 2013

x factor might be "rested" in 2014

x factor might be "rested" in 2014, that was one of the rumours that was circulating a few months back, that simon cowell has the option to rest the x factor for a year, this would be after this years x factor has finished, then give the uk and usa x factor's a year off, which would be the 2014 x factor.

the idea being that after being on tv for 10 years, which is a long run for a reality tv show, that a kind of "time out" would be good for its popularity when it came back after a year off.

i doubt cowell would actually do this, but t was said to be one of his options, if this years x factor is not very popular with the viewing vigures, there is no doubt as a talent show that the x factor is still as popular as ever, due to the large amounts of people who come out to audition for the show, what has been the problem in recent years has been the x factor has seen a slump in viewing figures.

but itv has said that the x factor is not the 100 metres but more like the 10,000 metres and they will make sure to keep the show on air, as for them it is still seen as the most popular or there best tv show format they have.

so i would think the x factor should still be around in 2014, just due to the fact of what else is there for the tv channel to replace it with, they would struggle to find another show that is as popular as the x factor gets.

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