Tuesday, 26 August 2014

x factor usa judge simon cowell about firing cheryl cole Fernandez Versini

now simon cowell and cheryl (cole) Fernandez-Versini are reunited on x factor 2014 uk, simon talks about x factor usa auditions rounds and why he fired cheryl, he says about rumors that she is a beautiful girl but was never his type, and he did not think that he was her type either.

he said that when she was on the x factor usa audition rounds that as a judge she came over as a little crazy and had lost all her confidence, and that he did not think that she was fitting in with the x factor usa format, maybe that the show was too big of a move for her and that the pressure would be too much, and that she was acting different to how she had been when they were first judging together on the x factor uk, so this is kind of one of the reasons he has given for why he fired cheryl cole off of the x factor usa.

now simon might be saying some of these things now, on the eve of next weekends return of the x factor uk to itv, so he is also trying to stir up some controversy in the media in the build up to the launch of the new x factor uk by being a bit cheeky about cheryl to spark some interest in the upcoming x factor uk start date on saturday.

so the start date for this years x factor uk 2014 is saturday august the 30th and also the following night on sunday august the 31st.

the start time for this year 11th new series of x factor uk will be the usual 8pm start time as well.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

x factor 2014 australia

x factor 2014 australia is now onto the top 12 contestants of the live shows since the auditions section finished, popular judge ronan keating has returned this year along with ex x factor uk judge dannii minogue, this year this is the groups each of the x factor au judges have got now onto the live shows and the top 12.

ronan keatings category and groups are:

Under 25 Girls

Sydnee Carter
Marlisa Punzalan
Caitlyn Shadbolt

dannii minogues judging groups and category:


Younger Than Yesterday

Natalie Bassingthwaighte groups and category is:

Under 25 Boys

Adrien Nookadu
Dean Ray

and redfoo has got to judge:

Over 25s

Reigan Derry
Jason Heerah
Rochelle Pitt

Thursday, 14 August 2014


thexfactor2014auditions lucky 11th season so far see's the return of cheryl cole and simon cowell also louis walsh for his 11th straight appearance, with new judge mel b fresh from agt, so when does the new series start back on itv?, looks like it will be starting back on saturday august the 30th.

look for new changes to the x factor uk this year with auditions in front of the judges taking place in audition booths, then the acts having to audition in the big arenas after that in front of a audience.

there is a 6 chair challenge to be introduced at the bootcamp stages of the auditions, which the bootcamp stage as usual is followed by the judges houses, possible big guest mentors this year like madonna, but as far as the format of the show goes overall, things are mostly going to stay the same, mostly just minor alterations here and there, but it is still the same format for the most part.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

is tulisa to make x factor return?

it looks like tulisa contostavlos will make a surprise return to x factor 2014 at the judges houses section of the show, simon cowell has reported to want tulisa to mentor his acts at the judges houses, section which is the part of x factor just before it goes to the live shows.

this will be a surprise return for tulisa who you would not of expected to see on x factor again, but simon cowell thinks she has had a rough 2 years since he sacked her from the x factor, and believes that she deserves a second chance.

so this looks like it will happen this year, so do not be surprised to see tulisa return to the x factor 2014 for the episodes that feature the judges houses, and as the mentor for simon's acts, this year for simon cowell's return to the x factor he will most probably not be getting the the over's category, the x factor producers will probably give him the boys or groups category this year, as that seems to be his favored category to mentor as a x factor judge.

if the producers gave simon cowell the over's he would probably throw a fit and walk off of the show, so they will probably choose to give his whatever is his favorite judging category, which is probably the boys or groups category, and not the over's which seems to usually go to louis walsh more than not.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

x factor's union j to usa move

previous x factor uk finalists boy band union j have moved to the usa to re-invent themselves, which they have said is helping them to find there own musical direction, they had been prophesied as the next one direction, but this was too big of a shadow for them, they have now moved to los angeles and this has helped them to come out from this shadow that they had been under.

at the moment they are now living in the usa and making there new album, since the x factor they have now signed a new record contract with epic and are trying to find there own sound and re-invent themselves.

as far as the new series of the x factor uk goes, i would look for the start date for the new series to be near the end of august when the new series starts back on itv with the judges auditions and the return of simon cowell and cheryl cole, also this year it looks like x factor uk will be more popular then strictly come dancing which will be a first for a lot of years if this happens.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cheryl Fernandez Versini new x factor 2014 judge?

has x factor uk 2014 got a new judge? Cheryl Fernandez Versini is the new x factor judge, through a name change, cheryl cole of course who is now known as Cheryl Fernandez Versini, just got married recently to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, so for cheryl's new name it is a bit of a tongue twister likes her new husbands.

so for x factor i can see louis walsh making the gaff of still calling her cole, when it comes to changing things around, with everything being digital in the world and media nowadays it should not be such a big problem for her career, whereas about 10 years ago, that might of been one of the reasons for not changing her name from cole possibly.

so your new x factor judge will be, remember at the start of each episode where that hidden guy says every judges name as they walk out?, that announcer guy you never see, but you just get used to hearing speak so don't even realize he is there, well it can make him work a bit harder now, instead of just being able to announce a short name he now gets to announce something more exotic with Cheryl Fernandez Versini.

wedding ring picture below from Cheryl Fernandez Versini and Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini marriage.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

when does x factor start on tv 2014 dates/times?

when does x factor uk start back on tv 2014 with the auditions, just looking itv.com and they said the x factor starts back on itv next month, this is on a post that was posted on june the 21st, so that would make a potential return of x factor to tv on july 21st, but i am not so sure they are accurate.

what it looks like is that the return date will be sometime in august, so the best estimates for this also going by the previous 10 series premiering in either the 3rd or 4th week of august, so we could be looking at start date back on tv for x factor to be saturday august the 23rd or saturday the 30th august.

this would also fit in the time frame of all the previous seasons/series and needs to be something along those lines so the series can fit all the episodes in before the finals which are in mid december, so you are probably looking at sometime in late august being this years start date for x factor uk 2014.

for the start time on a night it always seems to be around 8pm that the x factor starts on a saturday night, and for the series now i think you always get saturdays and sundays, originally i think x factor just aired on a saturday a lot of years ago, but in recent years it always seems to be on tv on saturdays and sunday nights, with most of the results from the public phone voting being shown on sunday nights each year.