Monday, 21 April 2014

next locations and dates for 2014

so the next location and dates for x factor auditions 2014 is going to be taking place in birmingham on the 23rd of april, at the brimingham city football ground.

just having a look on youtube for some video from people who have already auditioned this year to see what this years auditions look like.

found some, this is what it is like when queuing at the x factor, you will meet lots of different people, but, you will have to do a lot of waiting around at the busy audition venues.

this is a video from south shields i think with jade thirlwall form little mix

back in the queuing situation, but you will get to see lots of people and also some impromptu auditioning, so try and enjoy the day, and talk to lots of people, and then you will not get nervous or bored while waiting in the queuing lines, this video is from the bristol x factor auditions.

this video explains how the process for auditioning is being done this year, and what they will ask you to do, what kind of questions and expectations the producers/judges have, this is a vlog about the emirates auditions in london, and this guy did not get through, but he saying why and what happened.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

new x factor 2014 auditions a usa judge Kesha?

rumors for the judges, new x factor 2014 auditions a usa judge Kesha?, that time again, when they wait until the last minute to decide on who the 3rd and 4th judges will be.

i think this is done on purpose to create media stories, so far it looks like it will be simon cowell, cheryl cole and louis walsh, so they cannot decide on who the 4th judge will be, as it would seem they like to keep everyone guessing.

this is how it always is each year, after simon cowell's disaster in the united states with the american x factor you would not think he would be looking to get a fancy poppy usa judge again or anytime soon, because that strategy did not work when it came to the x factor usa.

but who knows, if the x factor usa format did not work, then why would simon cowell want to repeat the same blueprint again and use that here, that would obviously be a mistake, to try and bring the failed x factor usa and try to recreate it again for this year.

i doubt that cowell will choose a american pop star to judge this years show, if he did it would be like going back down a road that did not work with any of the 3 seasons of the x factor united states.

when it comes to girl or boy judges, if they are talking about just girl judges this probably means simon will louis walsh, and balance that with 2 girl judges.

Friday, 11 April 2014

the london open auditions are taking place next in the uk

it is the london open auditions that are taking place next for the united kingdom x factor 2014 auditions, these will be really big, when it comes to the auditions each year london seems to attract the biggest crows of people.

so for these ones it can be a good idea to be one of the first people there, so that you have less time to wait, these london auditions are also taking place on a weekend so will attract even bigger crowds with it being on a sunday, there are more people with free time and not working, so if you are going to the london auditions be prepared for a lot of crowds.

and if you do not get in the queue's early then also be prepared for a lot of queuing time, i mean if you have a small easy portable fold up chair and a small umbrella if the weather report for sunday looks bad then it might be very helpful, because they do keep people outside waiting/queuing in car parks quite a bit when waiting to audition.

so the date this next audition is taking place at is the 13th of april on a sunday.

the location for this london x factor audition is:

emirates football ground, hornsey road, london, n7 7aj

on the x-factor website it says that all the open auditions have a start time of 9am and it is a first come first served policy, so not sure if it is beneficial to get there before 9am as to be near the front of any queues that have already formed but it probably might be.

of course you need to check out all the rules and regulations to know what to have on the day, for example you have to have a item of i.d with you, and anyone below the ages of 18 must be accompanied by a parent as well.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the x factor callbacks 2014

so what are the x factor callbacks 2014, well if you audition this year, was same for usa as well as uk xfactor each year, this might be something that you come across, when you audition this year, they might not automatically put you through to the next round, but instead, might tell you to wait on a call back from the x-factor producers.

the problem some people have reported about the callbacks is then you are stuck waiting to see if you make it through to the next stage and get to audition again, you are basically waiting on a telephone call from the producers to say, yes come and audition again.

i think the callbacks can also be sent via email as well, but essentially it means waiting on to see if you get to audition in a later stage before the xfactor producers again.

if you want to leave a message on this post in the comments section, of what your experiences was like regarding the call-backs process of x-factor then do so, as it is quite a sketchy subject, basically if they do not call back then you do not go through, i am not sure if they call just to say you are not through, or basically, no phone call, basically means you are not through?.

Monday, 7 April 2014

what is the age limit for x factor 2014 auditions? the age limit has been changed for this year

what is the age limit for x factor 2014 auditions? the age limit has been changed for this year, it was set at 16, but now the age limit if you want to audition is 14 years old.

so this is a big shake up for a lot of people who would have to have waited another 2 years before they would be old enough to apply and audition for x factor uk, well now you can also go to the open auditions if you are 14 years old this year, which is probably great news for a lot of youngsters who would have to have waited a few years.

remember to check out all the rules and regulations on the x factor uk website before going to the open auditions, for example people under 18 years old i think need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, so it is always worth checking out all the terms and conditions before just turning up at a auditions venue unprepared and without what you need.

when is the next x factor uk open auditions taking place and list of all this years locations

when is the next x factor uk 2014 open auditions taking place and the list of all this years dates and locations is here

the next of the open auditions is taking place this tuesday the 8th of april in plymouth.

the location and address for the next audition is:

holiday inn plymouth
Armada Way 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

the first open auditions for x factor start on saturday in dublin ireland

the first of the open auditions for x factor uk 2014 start on saturday 5th of april in dublin ireland, so far the mobile auditions have already been underway, but the first of the main auditions for this new season of x factor are starting this coming saturday.

so on the xfactor website it just says you need to turn up on the day to get to audition, so i think even if you have not filled out a application form you can still turn up on the day to the auditions in dublin ireland, you just need to make sure you meet the requirements in advance like at least 16 years old and have the required information like passports and the correct i.d. etc.

which makes it strange for all the application forms process, though if you did submit a video when you applied via application form then that can get you on a faster track to getting through the rounds, but besides that it seems that you do not need to have had done the applications forms really because you can just turn up on the day, (make sure you are early though).

though this is a good thing because there will be people wanting to audition who did not remember or get round to applying online, but do not worry, if you have not already applied online, because you can still attend the open auditions, but need to make sure you have all the correct information and meet all the requirements of course first.